VBoxAdm - Virtual Mailbox Management GUI

About VBoxAdm

VBoxAdm is web frontend written for mailservers running with Postfix, Dovecot and a MySQL backend. It is available under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 license. It supports all features you'd expect from a modern mailserver management GUI. Apart from that it also ships with its very own SMTP-Proxy, which make AMAViS obsolete, and several other neat tools, like a full feature CLI, a Mailarchive, an Vacation Autoresponder, Client Autoconfiguration (for Thunderbird and Outlook) and a cronjob which notifies postmasters of misconfigured mailservers. A Roundcube plugin is also available.

Why yet another Postfix GUI?

Most imporant: I do this for fun and education. Less important: I dislike the other mailserver management GUIs around. None of those, including did satisfy my requirements when looking for a new frontend to replace a very old Vexim installation.

Credits and Acknowledgements

VBoxAdm is heavily influenced by many other open-source projects and my daily work as a linux admin. The first versions of this project were, feature-wise, closely modeled after Postfix.Admin and did look very similar. In the beginnig I was concentrating on features and coding and didn't want to waste time on design - which I'm very bad at - and just copied the css from Postfix.Admin. So thanks for that. Of course I have also looked into Vexim, ViMbAdmin and others. This project make heavy use of other open source projects and CPAN modules where applicable. However during the last releases I did try to reduce the number of external dependencies. CPAN Modules and projects still in use include SpamAssassin, the Template::Toolkit, Locale::Maketext and CGI::Application.

I'd like to thank all of the authors of those projects!