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Can You Treat Asthma with Cannabis?

Even with the modern medicinal advancements, asthma can be quite tricky to properly heal and live with. The management of such diseases comes with pain. However, a new wave of swaying away from the traditional medicinal practices has shown us that you can ultimately manage and treat asthma with cannabis. Taking CBD for asthma is proven to be quite useful, quick, and painless in terms of pain management.

Potential Benefits

Asthma is a chronic lung disease without any known cure. The modern treatment involves disease management with physical or medicinal therapies. Some of these treatment plans can be quite costly, painful, and challenging. However, asthma-cannabis connctions have shown a high ratio of direct impact. Using cannabis for managing asthma is slowly growing as a trend among patients, and there is a reason for it.

Several studies have suggested that some of the components found naturally in the plant of marijuana and cannabis can help people living with asthma. Medical marijuana can apply to the entire plant, or it can be an active marijuana component removed from the plant and made into a drug specifically for the purpose of treating an ailment.

Well, you may be wondering how a recreational drug can help someone get over a chronic or an allergic disease? This is why we have mentioned that only the extracts from this plant are helpful for asthma sufferers.

Marijuana includes many active ingredients or cannabinoids. These include CBD and several useful forms of highly active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) forms. We already know that these elements are quite healthy if taken in moderate doses.

The elements extracted from marijuana plants have shown promising anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Since asthma is a chronic and allergy-based disease, anti-inflammation properties can help reduce internal inflammation and offer relief to the patients.

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Potential Risks

Most people smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. Yet smoking, especially for people with asthma, can have a negative impact on lung health. Scientists previously observed that the extracts from the plant could offer healthy perks for the lungs. However, those elements cannot be ingested via smoke, and have to be taken orally. Smoking weed with asthma can be quite harmful to the body and may pose the same threats as traditional tobacco.

While weed is showing promise for asthma sufferers, smoking weed and asthma do not mix. You can only use the extracts and take them orally for pain relief. Findings from a study done on animals indicated that, because of its anti-inflammatory activity, CBD might prove to be highly beneficial for people suffering from asthma and other inflammation-based diseases.

The Bottom Line: Is It the Best Option?

However, other than the scientific studies and their results, there are no conclusive statements or results to support this statement. Scientist and other medical practitioners have speculated that the anti-inflammation properties of CBD and THC can help soothe the irritation of the lungs, and offer quick relief from the pain. Even though FDA has not officially made a statement about this, a large number of people have not only tried this but also benefited from this in the recent past.